Razoon is a fast-paced 360° 2D-Spaceshooter. The only game goal is to stay alive while waves of enemy alien spaceships try to blow your ship to spacedust.

But you're not an easy prey to them: Your ship features several highly evolved weapon systems that help you to stay alive, since for all the damage you cause on other ships your own health increases:

Main Weapon: High-Voltage 360° Twin-Turbolasers (Left mouse button)
Sec Weapon: 3 different solid-rocket types and one selfreplenishing energy-missle.
Passive Weapon: Shortrange Dual-Gauss Weapon System (Autoaim, main use against incoming rockets)

But there are also some other Systems that help you to destroy as many enemy fighters as possible:

The Target-Computer locks onto an enemy ship and provides you with detailed information about its position, health and even displays a correction angle to support hitting it with your laserweapon.

The high-advanced rocketsystem not only proposes the optimal rockettype for the selected target, but it can also automaticly switch to that rockettype so you just need to hit the right mousebutton to send the optimal amount of destruction towards your enemy.

List of features

+ Lots of explosions (watch your enemies fall apart) and Soundeffects
+ Lots of enemies including a boss
+ 10 level + hidden bonuslevels + further challenges and hidden featues after you beat the endboss
+ Rockmusic supports you in your killing spree, ( or just drop your own music into the music folder to play it)
+ Online Highscore List (to compare your ego to others)


Download Razoon 1.07 [Windows]

Download Razoon 1.07 [Intel Mac]

Razoon Teaser Image